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Support for FMP Amity Cloud based HR and Payroll

Cloud Based HR Solution Amity

One of the biggest objections to web-based solutions is security, particularly those which hold so much sensitive data as is the case with a cloud based HR and payroll solution. What we tend to forget is the increasing number of online transactions that most of us now make on a daily basis, whether that be online banking or submitting our credit card details to purchase goods online.

With Amity we recognised the potential insecurities of our client base and placed security at the very heart of our development. This means that all Amity clients will benefit from an array of advanced security features designed to deliver a reliable and secure web-based service.

In addition to world-class hosting facilities, you can rest assured all of the information between your browser and Amity is encrypted to the highest possible standard. Extended level SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Certificates will ensure that your business will have complete peace of mind that no one can tap into your data.

In addition to an encrypted connection for all communications, any activity requires an inter-process security token.

At a user level, security can also be defined, allowing you and your employees to make decisions on what information you want to keep private and what you allow to be visible. For example, user access can be determined on a role or task type basis, whereas Employee Self Service can be accessed via a unique employee code ensuring that the user can view their own personal information only.

Further security is provided with three levels of authentication to prove you are who you say you are, this includes Active Directory and Single Sign on.

In addition to all of our in product security features, our ISO27001:2013 accreditation also gives our clients the confidence that we are always one step ahead where IT security is concerned. We are regularly audited to ensure that we remain compliant and are continually seeking to make improvements to our IT security.

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