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Amity Premium

Amity is the brand behind our recently launched cloud based HR and payroll solution which can be accessed using any modern browser. Unlike many other products which provide limited HR and payroll functionality via an app, Amity Premium uses mobile responsive screens to make everything available at the touch of a button regardless of the device you are using.

We recognise that clients’ requirements are rarely the same, which is why Amity is provided in three different product levels. Regardless of the product level you choose, Amity provides an easy-to-use cloud based HR and payroll solution packed with time saving features.

Our mid-range product is Amity Premium, a fully integrated cloud based HR and payroll solution providing all of the functionality of our Amity Base system as standard, but with the peace of mind that we can tailor the system to meet your exact requirements through utilisation of our configuration services.

A good example would be timesheet collection and processing. Whilst the majority of organisations would be capturing similar information, we recognise that what is done with that information is very different from company to company.

Another example would be Occupational Sick Pay (OSP), which varies dramatically for every organisation. Amity Premium will give you the added flexibility to fit your HR and payroll software to your business processes, rather than having to adapt your processes to fit the software.

Not only does our Amity Premium solution give you this level of flexibility at the start of your project but for as long as you are an Amity Premium client. With a powerful set of design tools FMP HR & Payroll Software can add screens, change screen layouts and include fields according to your individual business processes. This means that your business will benefit from a completely scalable cloud based HR and payroll solution without having to go to the expense of procuring a completely bespoke piece of software.

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