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Amity Enterprise

Amity is our flagship online HR software solution; access via any modern browser and mobile responsive screens, gives you and your employees complete freedom to work anytime, anywhere. Many competing online HR software solutions provide limited access to key functionality via an app, but with Amity no apps are required meaning that anything you can do with the software on your desktop PC, can be replicated on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Our range of Amity solutions have been designed to be intuitive and are packed with features to help you improve organisational performance and productivity.

Over 35 years of building HR and payroll solutions has taught us that clients’ requirements are rarely the same, which is why Amity is provided in three distinct levels of product. Amity Enterprise is our most flexible HR and payroll solution yet, offering the perfect solution for any organisation looking for an online HR Software solution, but cannot find a solution that quite fits its requirements.

Amity Enterprise is aimed at organisations who require access to all of the tools required to make changes to the software, to meet particularly individual needs based around business processes which are completely unique to their organisation.

Although there is no programming involved, organisations looking at the Amity Enterprise solution would require some integration and/or SQL database experience due to the web driven nature of the configuration tools.

Following your purchase of Amity Enterprise, we will train you how to use the system tools, giving you full access to the software and giving you complete control to make changes as and when you want to.

The end result is a fully scalable online HR software solution which is driven by you and your business processes, rather than a software solution dictating how you should work.

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