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In-House Solutions

Increase productivity and cut costs with FMP’s in-house payroll software solutions

Our intuitive payroll software – Payrite – will help you to streamline the management of complex processes, resulting in better management of your payroll, reduced errors, time saving and reporting.

Accurate payroll is critical to business success. Every one of your employees needs to be paid correctly on time and at all times, irrespective of fluctuations in staffing, seasonal employment and other variables. Our hosted payroll software or online cloud based payroll software supports payroll managers and helps them control data in the most effective way. FMP Payroll Services uses the HMRC approved payroll software ‘FMP Payrite’, previously ‘Bond Payrite’, for its own payroll bureau.

Our RTI payroll software is rich in features and functionality making it suitable for many kinds of businesses, large and small. For example, a huge benefit of the Payrite modular system is that you only pay for what you need. As your business grows it’s very simple to expand the payroll interfaces and switch on additional features, such as online payslips. FMP Payroll Services payroll software specialists will work with you to determine the most appropriate system from the outset, so you can gain a return on your investment straight away.

Key Features

  • For employees

Real time net pay calculations / Tax & National Insurance calculated for all tax codes and NI tables / Multi company and multi payroll with unlimited employees / Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Adoption Pay, Student Loan Deductions, and Table Based Court Orders – all calculated automatically / Online Payslips

  • Third party liaison and payments

Auto Enrolment – all types of pensions built in, including stakeholder pensions and auto-enrolment / Ability to make payments to third parties (pension, HMRC etc)

  • For users

Intuitive report writer tool and audit Trail – all system entries are recorded and Import/export tools available for end users / Multiple payslip types and full payslip history view with a reprinting option / Publish customised reports and interface with many HR and Finance packages with no additional configuration

Payroll Software Interfaces

Payrite has the ability to interface with over 80 HR software and Finance software solutions. In addition to the powerful report writing tools within Payrite it can also utilise import and export routines to transfer data seamlessly to and from Payrite.

Import can be used to take data into the payroll from other sources, such as a personnel system, Time and Attendance system or simply from a spreadsheet.

Export is used to send data from the payroll to other packages. Export does not have a restriction on column size, and therefore, even now that reports can be printed directly to Microsoft Excel, Export does have very definite uses. As with the Report Writer, once Import and Export formats are created they are accessible to all payrolls.

The Import and Export facilities are some of the most powerful tools within Payrite and can save hours and hours of work, which can then be devoted to other tasks.

Payrite can accept information for data conversions in flat file format such as csv, fixed field, ascii etc. MS Excel spreadsheets are also acceptable, preferably with just one worksheet. Text fields exceeding the length specified above will be truncated e.g. address lines and full name. Headings can be left in the file as these can be ignored by our import program. If the file does not contain headings, please supply a separate document detailing each column.

We can bespoke routines and reports however would require full specification on the current set-up to be able to provide an accurate proposal.

Payroll Reporting Software

Our payroll reporting software features a comprehensive suite of standard reports available to all users. These reports can be utilised to strategically inform managers on employee data, year to date values and many other relevant payroll related issues, and the flexibility of our payroll reporting software allows you to define, print as well as customise reports as needed. Ask us about the many standalone Payroll software solutions such as FMP Payrite, or integrated HR and payroll software solutions.


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Claire Timmiss, Managing Director for SGW Payroll, discusses how Payrite software from FMP has helped her manage payroll for 2500 customers.

Claire Timmis

FMP Payrite could not be more intuitive or easy to use, and as a result, the process of completing each of our clients’ payrolls has been reduced from an average of two days to just half an hour.

Brian Stenhouse, Director of Group Payroll Services Armstrong Watson

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