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HMRC certainly ‘Found it’ at Debenhams, uncovering over £130,000 of payroll underpayments involving 11858 workers, and hitting the department store with a whopping £63k fine. The department store, who’s current slogan is ‘Found it!’ blamed glitches in their systems, but the damage has been done. We’ve consistently pumped out blogs on the importance of checking…

Managing an efficient and smooth-running payroll system is a daunting prospect for many businesses. The responsibility often lies with just one or two people, so the risks are high. The process involves highly administrative tasks such as paying increasingly complex employee salary packages, filling in HMRC forms  and RTI, and liaising with pension companies and TPA….

Payroll errors cost UK employers more than £700 million in the last financial year and sorting out errors can contribute to a downward spiral for hard pressed payroll teams. Are there any simple tips to help teams reduce payroll errors? Here are my Top Five 1)    Create a ‘Nudge’ – How often are you acting…

Payroll plays a critical part in any business. Get it right and you’ll make your employees happy. Get it wrong and you’ll be heading for trouble. Don’t provide a simple way for those employees to get payroll errors corrected and you’re in a heap of trouble. We did some research back in 2015 which suggested…

Leading Payroll and HR services provider FMP Global has just achieved re-accreditation across four key ISO disciplines, in a first test of processes following the merger of Bond Payroll Services, Bond HR & Payroll Software and FMP  into one entity in August 2016. The four ISO accreditations,  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, and ISO…

An employee in charge of payroll at a US sweet distributor has received a 45-year prison sentence for stealing over $800,000 from the payroll. The payroll fraud over a three-year period has highlighted the risks business face if their internal procedures are poor and auditing worse, and the impact on profits and reputation. Worse for…

It’s the question often asked of any outsourcing decision, but in payroll, is payroll outsourcing about cutting cost? “Can we save money by outsourcing?” While the drive to cut costs is important for all businesses, how you decide to carry out payroll processing – in-house, using a bureau or completely outsourced – reflects your overall…

A survey from business loans specialist Liberis in November 2016 gives much food for thought for hard pressed small business owners. But amongst the doom and gloom of reducing costs, Brexit complexity, American presidential decisions, and the age-old issues of competing against the big players was an interesting fact about the pressures SME bosses face…

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